What You Need To Know Before Starting Osteopathy


For those struggling with a musculoskeletal problem, osteopathy is one of the most common solutions. We take a look at what the procedure involves and what you need to know.

Why might I need an osteopathy session?

People see osteopaths in order to cure various types of musculoskeletal problems that may be causing hurt. These most commonly include things like neck ache, back pain, posture problems and sporting injuries. Therapy in order to ease or solve the pain will take place over nine sessions spread across three months and will include diagnosis, management, treatment and . There are several techniques that osteopaths will use in order to achieve this including massaging, stretching stiff joints, short and sharp muscle movements (like cracking knuckles). You should not experience pain during these sessions, although a mild level of discomfort is to be expected.

How do I prepare to see an osteopath?

Appointments with osteopaths are generally self-referred. There are clinics around the UK in every city – Manchester, London, Edinburgh and Liverpool osteopaths. Although a GP can arrange for you to see one if, having diagnosed you, they feeling it would be beneficial, usually sessions are arranged directly. You can take someone with you to the appointment for support if necessary and it is recommended that you wear comfortable clothing. Therapy sessions generally cost between £35 and £50.

What will happen in your first session?

Before any therapy begins, your osteopath will determine what kind of treatment you need. In order to do this, they will need to discuss the full history of your symptoms with you in which you are expected to give full explanations of the pain and how it is affecting you. You may be asked about your lifestyle and diet in order to best determine what therapy you need. Your osteopath may also ask you to remove some items of clothing during this first session (this is where the aforementioned comfortable clothes are useful) in order to examine the areas in which you are suffering pain. In total, this first session should only take up to an hour in length – twice as long as any subsequent sessions which will regularly take around 30 minutes.

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