About Hot Stone Massages

hotstonesHot stone massage is a special form of massage when the therapist uses smooth stones that have been heated as either an extension of their one hands or by putting them in certain places on the body while they massage other areas. The heat emitted from the stones can have two main benefits, the first being that the feeling of them is deeply relaxing and the second being that they can actually help to warm up any tight muscles so that the therapist can work them deeper and quicker.

What Are The Origins Of Hot Stone Massage?

Originally, the Native Americans would use hot stones that had been warmed by their fires to treat their aching muscles, but the revival of this treatment in modern times is typically credited to Mary Nelson, who is native to Tucson, Arizona. Her style of hot stone massage is known as LaStone Therapy and has a component relating to Native American spiritual practices and requires training and a certificate.

Generally, most spas tend to offer their own version of hot stone massage, usually given another name, such as lava stone massage, river rock massage or warm stone massage for example. There is a lot of skill required to do a hot stone massage correctly and the therapist needs to be particularly sensitive.

How Does A Hot Stone Massage Feel?

A hot stone massage will feel different for each person, mainly due to the fact that every therapist will do it in a different way. The standard of the treatment will come down to how skilled the therapist is, how much training they have been given and if they enjoy giving it or not. Some therapists don’t enjoy giving the treatment purely due to the temperature of the stones, as this makes them difficult to handle.

There are many ways to find out how good a therapist will be at hot stone massages. If they have an onsite training facility along with a spa, like Chillout Beauty Training in Liverpool, you could look at the course description to see how in depth they train their students, as this will give you an idea of the standard you should expect to receive.

Another way to find out is to ask a member of the front desk team at the spa of your choice, as they should be able to recommend a specialist staff member. If you are a regular spa user and have a favourite staff member, you can talk to them about where they did their training and how long they have been offering the service, if you wish.

What Makes The Stones Special?

The stones are usually made form basalt, a volcanic rock, that is usually black in colour. This is the best type of material for stones used for this kind of treatment as they absorb and retain heat particularly well and have usually been made smoother by the natural forces at work in the sea or rivers.

Are Hot Stone Massages Expensive?

It is more expensive to have a hot stone massage than a basic Swedish massage, purely because its requires a longer period of time, due to extra preparation, clean up and generally tends to last longer. There is no set price for a hot stone massage, but they are typically more expensive at resorts and hotel than spa’s.

Who Would Not Benefit From A Hot Stone Massage?

It is not recommended that you have a  hot stone massage if you:

  • Are diabetic
  • Have high blood pressure
  • Suffer from any diseases
  • Are taking any medication that thins your blood
  • Are pregnant
  • Have sunburn

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